Junjô nurashi, aijô kurashi (2016)

Junjô nurashi, aijô kurashi Trailer

Junjô nurashi, aijô kurashi

An erotic drama about an adolescent girl who grew up in a father-son family and grows up by noticing her father's free love. Tomomi, a high school girl who lost her mother when she was young and lives alone with her father's friend. Friend has been rigorously raising Tomomi with one man while holding multiple part-time jobs without getting a regular job, but Tomomi could not understand his father's feelings and was only repulsing. One day, Tomomi's best friend triggered an incident...

Release: Mar 25, 2016

Duration: 1h 10m

Genres: Drama, Romance

Actors: Miho Tono, Tsubaki Kato, Imari Morihoshi, Seshio, Darling Ishikawa, Manzô Shinra, Sousuke Yamamoto, Mayuko Sasaki, Misa Wada