P90X (2004)


P90X® is a complete 90-day home fitness system designed to get you in the best shape of your life. 01 CHEST & BACK - Targeted strength and definition workout 02 PLYOMETRICS - Explosive jumping cardio routine 03 SHOULDERS & ARMS - Potent combination of pressing, curling, and fly movements 04 YOGA X - Combines strength, balance, flexibility, and breath work 05 LEGS & BACK - squat, lunge, and pull for a total-body workout 06 KENPO X - Intense cardiovascular workout with punching and kicking 07 X STRETCH - Achieve a higher level of athleticism over a longer period of time 08 CORE SYNERGISTICS - Build and support multiple muscle groups while conditioning your body. 09 CHEST, SHOULDERS, & TRICEPS - Target both large and small upper-body muscles 10 BACK & BICEPS - Flex those powerful biceps and focus on toning and tightening these showcase arm muscles. 11 CARDIO X - A fun, low-impact cardio routine 12 AB RIPPER X - Sculpt the six-pack abs of your dreams

Release: Apr 10, 2004

Duration: 0m

Genres: Documentary

Actors: Tony Horton, Dreya Weber, Robert Lewis Stephenson