Against Their Will: Women in Prison (1994)

Against Their Will: Women in Prison

Behind prison walls, corruption, sex and power make criminals out of the guards and heroes out of the guarded. For more than a decade, the lawless guards inside a maximum security women's prison have reigned with impunity - rape, sex for money and illegal favors have become the norm until one woman decides to battle the system. Leading a group of inmates on a risky life-or-death struggle for justice, a ten year silence is finally broken, exposing the twisted truth to the world and enabling the prisoners the freedom to live without fear.

Release: Oct 29, 1994

Duration: 1h 31m

Genres: TV Movie, Crime, Drama

Actors: Judith Light, Stacy Keach, Chelcie Ross, Tonya Pinkins, Michael Woods, Giuliana Santini, Tom Butler, Aidan Devine, Eugene Lipinski