Stille Post (2008)

Stille Post

Andrea is a teacher at a gymnasium in Lübeck. She prefers to convince her students with arguments rather than punishments. But it can also be very specific: For example, when it comes to averting the advances of her problem student Niklas. He has fallen in love with her, much to the grief of his girlfriend and classmate Lisa. On a school trip, the situation comes to a head, Andrea feels increasingly pressurized by Niklas. Her husband Michael is not much help in this situation - the dentist has just started a new job and only his research in mind. Jealous Lisa tells in school that they do have a relationship, which makes their marriage very much tested.

Release: Sep 29, 2008

Duration: 1h 29m

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

Actors: Ursula Karven, Axel Milberg, Johanna Gastdorf, Katrin Sass, Sergej Moya, Oliver Breite, Isolda Dychauk, Michael Hanemann, Anton Pleva, Tim Morten Uhlenbrock