Comrade Black in World War II (2009)

Comrade Black in World War II

Set in April of the turmoil that is the year 1941. The Germans have occupied Yugoslavia and its capital Belgrade. Adolf Hitler is again drawing the new borders of Europe. Remains of Belgrade are filled with chaos, despair, black markets, famine and poverty. The Serbian people are broken up into national traitors, servants of the German occupants, chetniks, communists etc. That is the setting where our well-known characters find themselves. Our hero is Zivota Grujic – Comrade Black, the descendant of the notorious Black Gruya. Just as cunning and witty as his predecessor, Comrade Black endeavors to make use of every situation he finds himself in. Ideal opportunities open up when against his own will, he is forced to cooperate with all the present influential heads of Europe.

Release: Jan 29, 2009

Duration: 1h 30m

Genres: Comedy, War

Actors: Nenad Jezdić, Boris Milivojević, Marinko Madžgalj, Nikola Kojo, Dragan Jovanović, Dušanka Stojanović, Dubravko Jovanović, Dejan Matić, Slobodan 'Boda' Ninković, Srđan Miletić